After I decided to start recording my music with a group of New York Jazz musicians, we needed to find a name for our group.  I was looking for a name that made a connection with my greek origins, the style of music I write and the USA, where all the other musicians in the group are located and our recording takes place.  That's how we came up with MEDLANTIC, which is a combination of MEDiterranean and AtLANTIC.


The members of Medlantic Jazz Project:


Vassilis Papadopoulos: wrote all the music for both »Amaryllis« and »Salty Water«


Bob Franceschini: tenor and soprano saxophone, alto flute

Don Harris: trumpet and flugelhorn

Clifford Carter: keyboards

Vinny Valentino: acoustic and e-guitar

Dave Anderson: e-bass

Joel Rosenblatt: drums

David Charles: percussion