Vassilis was born in central Greece.  His interest in music started relatively early on in life. By the age of 10 he was playing the trumpet and then at 19 years of age he went
on win a scholarship to study in England. Later on he pursued his studies in Germany, taking up percussion, music theory and piano.


He worked as a full-time Percussionist at opera houses (Lübeck, Kassel and Mannheim) and leading symphony orchestras such as the NDR Symphony Orchestra in Hamburg (Solo Percussionist). During this time he travelled extensively in Europe, Japan, USA, South America and China.


As a long-standing Lecturer at the »Musikhochschule« (Academy of Music) in Heidelberg/Mannheim he formed a music group with his percussion students.

The group played many well received concerts including at venues such as the
»Alte Oper« in Frankfurt.


From an early age Vasillis was always intensively involved in Jazz.  After a long and successful career in Classical music he returned his full attention to his first love... Jazz.


In 2011 Vassilis composed and produced the album AMARYLLIS.

His new album SALTY WATER has been released in January 2015.

Both albums were recorded in New York.